Sunday, January 18, 2004
tunes: Re-Offender - Travis

tele fucking vision

when I was younger, I watched a helluva lot of TV. my dad said "no no it will rot your brain!" of course, I didn't beleive him. but now i wish that I had. my creativity and imagination is shot and don't even mention memory.
a word to the wise: don't watch insane hours of television every day. it really does rot your brain. it's not fun and it's really depressing becasue you get into a lot of shit vie memory loss.
and I'm only 15.
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Sunday, January 04, 2004
tunes: Where's your head at?-Basement Jaxx

fuck it. I drew anyway.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004
tunes: Alicia Keys

what's the point in trying if you know you can't succeed?
I picked up my pencil. I tried for about 2 hours. I hated everything I saw. I can't draw. why should I kid myself? it's stupid. I ant to draw. I want to be able to draw decent drawings. but everytime I try. everything sucks. 2 hours and all I have is a whole lot of scrunched up peices of paper. and a whole lot of reality.
reality sucks.
especially when you've been avoiding it.

I haven't got any talent. I'm not particularly good at anything. at least, nothing productive. one of my new years resolutions was to draw more and practice. but I dunno if there is much point. so far, I've just gotten worse everytime I picked up a pencil. damn it.
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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

hope everyone had a good christmas.
i got some good PC stuff
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Friday, December 12, 2003
tunes: The Guitar - They Might Be Giants

I have gotten myself hooked on them. TMBG clock radion, fools, THE CLOCK RADIO.

anyway. everyone who reads this, reply. I want to feel special.
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Monday, December 08, 2003

isn't it weird that when you think of the stuff you like, it makes you sound insane?
eg: I love to find see things out of the corner of my eye that I couldn't see straight on (like the computer moniter's waves or the fucky shit that comes out when people sneeze)...

anyway. school exams are going to suck
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Saturday, December 06, 2003
tunes: Hyper-Ballad - Bjork

you just don't realise how much Bjork rules until you listen to "Post" (album kicks ass)

anyway. I went to London today, did some X-Mas shopping with the 'rents. I bought a book (kinda. I'll explain in a mo) called "The World Of Toons" (I think...). basically, it's a book on comic book theory. it's freaking awesome. I was gonna get some other books too (about street art, animation, graffiti) but I'm poor. also, I got a magnet thing that says "Did you eat stupid for breakfast?". it's cool. oh and i got my friend a Moses action figure! awesome!... I need a job. that or something stupid. I know! I'll set up a website called "give me money for no" and have paypal on it and see if I can reach a monthly quota of about £400 (there are millions and millions of people on the net...) for doing nothing. if that works, up goes the quota! hell yeah!

anyway, I'm going back to London tomorrow with my dad. hopefully I'll go to Japan Center and get some more manga. I ened to pop into China town and get some books for learning too...

holy shit. I almost had a panic attack on friday. I have two weeks of exams.. they are like practice for the major GCSE exams next year. but since they're practice, the teachers aren't helping with revision or anything like that so I have to do it at home... and I've not really done any hardcore revision before. I'm doing shit loads now but I feel no more confident than if I had done none... scary. I got study leave which is kinda cool.. but the 'rents said that I couldn't go on it next year if I didn't get amazing results this year. scary assed shit going on here.

umm... oh yeah, my dad talked to skottie young. he's a hella lucky guy

anyway. I am shit scared of next 2 weeks. but I get a 8 hour art exam which will rule on monday and tuesday.
2 fridays time, I have to get up at 6:30 to go to school to sing carols praising our lord jesus.
Why do I have to sing carols and praise someone I don't believe in.

which brings me onto another point: I only believe in God for X-Mas. and also when I'm making up confusing theologan theories which I do alot (I don't really beleive in "him" then but I use the bible and christianity to confuse).

anyway, long input, no out put.

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Thursday, December 04, 2003
tunes: Foo Fighters - (i forgot the name)

ok, it's back up now. I am still ill and feel like shit albeit less shitty than yesterday.
My dad called up skottie young. it is truly unfair. but so very cool.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
tunes: none

i am ill.
is kill nick down? it's been down for 2 days.
and my web host is also down so no pictures can be put up. =( sad.
can someone contact nick on msn or something. I have no life.

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Saturday, November 29, 2003
tunes: Cling and Clatter - Lifehouse

link added and shit. I am tired. I am being more cranky than ever =)
I get pissed off easily too but that's normal. =))))))))))
I want money!
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Sunday, November 23, 2003
tunes: Some Third Eye Blind song

i am socially inept. I find it near to impossible to talk to people (mainly adults or people who I respect) and when I do (which is never), conversation is so dry and hollow it makes me even less secure. it's not a good thing at all because it just makes me really bad at anyhting that contains socialising or teamwork. unless I know someone, i find it hard to communicate and this reduces productivity. my dad was very timid too when he was younger but he said that he got over it. but I think he's forgotten what it was like because he's always putting me down about it. I dunno, I guess that he's trying to help me by putting me in situations where I need to talk to people. i just really, really don't like talking to people face to face. I won't ask directions or order anything unless I'm desperate for aid or with friends. kinda shitty...
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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
tunes: none

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tunes: Le Casio- Athlete

boring, i am.
I think that yoda's dialect style was ripped from (poorly) translated chinese.
thankyou shanghai knights for that supplement.
holy crap, music determines my moods way too often. it's not always a good thing because I get nostalgic/sad/missing/happy/angry/normal/trippy (add more where you see fit). oh, I am a Bjork Dork. I looove her vocals. I alsways have but I lost my ma's CD until recently. mmm. post

I need to quit school because it's lame and become a talentless bum.
I think that freelancer is a new age term for bum. not really. I'm just idiotic and bored.
gotta kung fu now. oooh VIP coming to watch today. I am scared shitless. I gotta train like 1000 more. eep :S
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Friday, October 31, 2003
tunes: Westside- Athlete

as some know, I am really interested in my family history.
the other day when I was talking to my dad about his past, he said that his brother, who I am named after (well, middle name), was almost totally independant at 16. my dad's family moved to the US when he was younger (before he was a teen) but moved back to the UK within 6 months.

anyway, my uncle died before I was born. It really does sadden me because from what I've heard, he and I were very similar. he was funny, eccentric, energetic, creative, caring and kind. now I don't want to stick my head up my ass so I'll leave the decision of the similarities of us to you. he skated too, I have a board (circa 1970 I think) of his. at 16 he was in college studying art. He was a photographer. He felt that in the US he wasn't doing so well so he left and came back to the UK soon after his initial departure. he was 16, living on his own in the UK with his family in the Bronx. My dad said that he left too soon and that he could have made it big in New York; a young, englsih photographer in new york during the 70s. I kind of agree. if he had stayed in the US.. then I think he would have stayed alive. but then, if he stayed, my dad and his brothers and mother would have stayed. I woulnd't have been born...

anyway, I think I lost the point there.

It's really sad that he did die. I have a strong feeling he and I would have gotten on really, really well.
anyway, I lost my train of thought. so I'll just gonna run.

I'm out.
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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
tunes: Splashdown- You Are

oh shit, I haven't updated this thing in a while!
I didn't add that comment thing because I'm an idiot.
I'm hooked on Naruto! I am also (still) hooked on BLEACH but I was just "flicking" through Naruto when I got hooked and so far I'm not able to read anything but it.
I need to throw the X-Box back into my room. I need more DVD good.
I also need to get more friggin' incense. relaxation has gotten to be a fucking ridiculous ... thing? Halloween in some days.
It will be cool or I'll explode. Actually, I can see myself doing. nothing.
I wear hats way too much. I'm wearing one right now and it's like heated inside and everything. I always wear one. everyday for the last year or something ridiculous.
oh god. this week my dad practically forbayed (is that a word) me from being a "geek".
It's probably because the UK hasn't got that many computer geeks (like me?). My whole family says I spend too much time on this thing... balls! I only go on it in the morning and the evening. (and occasionally in the afternoon.. or if I'm not doing anything...) it's not like I never go out! Geez!
anyway, fuck that. I gotta get better at drawing and... well art as a whole. I really do suck! aww man.
anyways, I've lost the drive that made me start writing.

I'm out
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Monday, October 06, 2003
tunes: none

I added an e-mail link and I'm gonna add a comment thing.

shit that hike was crap. It killed my legs and made me soooo tired. I don't think I'll ever do another again. it would have been ok if I didn't have such a huge bag...
oh yeah, it was cold. very very cold...

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Thursday, October 02, 2003
tunes: rob dougan- clubbed to death

I am a lazy fucker...
anyways, I'm away this weekend on a stupid hike thing. it's going to suck... dick....
the weather will be crappy, my heels will die (I bruised both really bad after... jumping off some high thing and not landing properly... ie: on to my heels...), I hate walking, I'd rather be home and shit like that...
if you haven't noticed, I am dreading this weekend... on a good note, there will be a legendary gathering next friday...
it will rule. with a capital "R"
I went round to my friend's house on the weekend and fucked about on his trampoline- somersaults for all!
I also miiiiiiiiight be able to get a PC that I will be working on for a while... but it should be worth it. Also, on that note, I was talking to... another friend (WHOA! FRIENDS!) on msn this week... ok, she's only 12 and relatively new to the internet scene (and she's cool for a 12 yr old) but she asked me "do you type the word out whole? like instead of 'u', you'd type 'you" and then she seemed quite puzzled by my answer; yes.
it's like everyone can't grasp that it is more practical and better for your english if you type using the correct spelling of words.
in fact, it pisses me off when people do use crappy text message abbrieviations online... it makes me want to DIE...
off to kung fu: I got kicks today. hell yeah! I'm re-taking the course I did last year. I forgot most of the stuff I learnt (ouch)
I really like the way it gets your self confidence up. ok, it doesn't make you go ego tripping (at the gates of hell) but it doesn't let you be a mouse either. It also keeps you fit and kinda happy. sure, your legs die but who cares, right? its all good!

school was kinda cool today... ok 2 period were cool;
we got to do a lesson on Law (one of my favourite subjects {i wanna be a birrister}) but the Law lesson kinda went off on a tangent and we ended up discussing the existance and the point of God. it was great! I also got praised to be a pendantic, obbsessive asshole! I would rule at being an evil lawyer... hell yeah!
*does that dance that that guy does from the simpsons when apu's wife wants a divorce*
(way too big emote)

last thing: my english sucks today. I rant about crap english in crap english... WTFLOLOMG?!

whoa, long entry
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Sunday, September 28, 2003
tunes: the sound of my head exploding because of this damned blog!

oh and it looks like my blog just fucked itself up.. SHIT
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aww man...
I was gonna go free running (don't tell anyone) today with a friend of mine...
but my dad's doing a half marathon and I gotta go to a different friend's house.
it's not that bad but I was looking forward to killing myself... aww man!
oh by the way, if you don't know what free running is then die.. (or go here)

brief thing of last night:
watched TV, went on the net, talked to msn LOSERS who think I like them but I actually HATE them...
(I'm kidding...)

one last thing, never listen to a thing I say, it will just make you die.

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Saturday, September 27, 2003
changed layout. took a bit of tweaking to do but it's all done now
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blog number.. I lost count after 500 thousand.. shit...
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